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"Itís 3:50 a.m., your sipping hot coffee while your bleary eyes scan the dark oceanfront. Your body curses you for its lack of sleep. The waves are pounding the open beach as the northeast wind is howling at your back.  You put on your heavy equipment, grab your rod and head into the rushing ocean.  A quick cast of your lure into the suds, and you smile for just a moment as your rod suddenly jerks downward.  You're in, the fight begins, you realize you're now a Long Island surfcaster, and life is good."  Steve Knapik, 2002

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.................................STRIPED BASS SEASON is open from April 15 to DECEMBER 15.........1 fish in possession per day not less than 28" to 40" a second fish may be kept if equal to or greater than 40".............Practice Conservation!!.............Support our Troops!!!............Think Fish................Think Striped Bass, Weakfish, Bluefish!!!!........Support Our Troops..........Think Surfcasting....................  

Our Mission We are dedicated to providing you quality surf fishing information, discussions and other interesting surfcasting related issues, by our own forum members. We further support education, sportsmanship and conservation, necessary to maintain and improve the quality of the marine environment around us. This will help ensure future generations of fish as well as surfcasters. This site was designed for the love of the sport. It is surfcasters like you that will make it  work!  So enjoy and thanks for visiting!  Steve Knapik. 

Informational Topics: | NYSDEC Striped Bass Cooperative Anglers Program | National Marine Fisheries |  | ALS Fish Tagging Info |  | Fishing & Your Health |   | NYSDEC Licensed Guide Program  | Public Beach Access Information | Links Page | NYSDEC Fishing Regulations  |


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